FNF East and Southeast Europe

  • Report A new security policy for Eastern Europe?

    A New Security Policy for Eastern Europe?

    Analytical Report from Future of Freedom Ukraine Consultation
  • PT Alumni Collage

    Voices of Tolerance of Promoting Tolerance Alumni

    The Programme in the Eyes of Alumni
  • Collage regional capacity development workshop

    Creativity, Inspiration and Commitment of our Freedom Team of FNF ESEE

    Insights from the Regional Capacity Development Workshop
  • Murat Şevki Çoban - Journalist, Platform.24, Turkey at global media forum

    Is There Hope for Journalism in Turkey?

    An Interview with Murat Çoban, Journalist in Platform.24
  • AJC and FNF at Promoting Tolerance Collage 2

    Voices of Tolerance from Promoting Tolerance Anniversary

    The Programme in the Eyes of AJC and FNF
  • Group Photo

    Confronting Intolerance and Bigotry

    25th Anniversary of the Promoting Tolerance Programme
  • slaviansk

    What is the Future of NATO, Propaganda and Cyber Security?

    Future of Freedom Annual Consultation was all about security.
  • PT Fellows Collage

    Voices of Tolerance from Promoting Tolerance Current Fellows

    Confronting Populism, Bigotry and Intolerance in Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania and Poland
  • Stefan Schlegel

    How to Best Evolve Imagery and Language to Translate Values into Stories?

    Best Communication Practices from the Liberal Political Movement "Operation Libero" from Switzerland
  • Future of Freedom Ukraine

    A New Security Policy for Eastern Europe?

    Find out more about our Future of Freedom Consultation
  • EWA East Europe 2017 Participants

    EWA East Europe 2017 Participants

    European Women's Academy of Political Leadership and Campaigning

The Foundation’s region of East and Southeast Europe (ESEE) consists of 22 countries in Eastern Europe including Turkey. The Foundation maintains Project Offices in six locations (Belgrade, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Sofia and Tbilisi) and employs about 50 professional staff. The Regional Office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most FNF Project Offices cover more than one country but the Foundation does not have programmes on the ground in all of the 22 countries. 

The main aim of the Foundation's work in East and Southeast Europe is to promote democracy, the rule of law, pluralism and free markets. The standard tool set is used for this purpose: political education, political consulting and political dialogue.


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