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About the Foundation 

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) is a German political foundation that promotes liberal democracy, rule of law, economic freedom and respect for human rights. Working hand-in-hand with its local partner organisations, the Foundation provides policy consultation as well as educational programmes for interested members of the general public, NGOs and governmental agencies worldwide. In so doing, it aims to contribute towards a freer, more peaceful and more open world society where people live freely and in peace.

FNF was founded in 1958 by Theodor Heuss (1884-1963), the first president of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Foundation was named after Friedrich Naumann (1860-1919), a pioneer in German liberal politics. Mr. Naumann believed that for democracy to function at its best, civic education is needed to create a politically informed and educated citizenry who know how to participate in democratic process and have a say on the direction of their nation.

The foundation operates in 62 countries around the world, giving knowledge and advice to voters, NGO activists, academics, economists, politicians and policy makers.  It works together with local NGOs, civil-society organisations and educational institutions to share knowledge and to bring about peaceful and positive changes to their respective societies.

The Region of East and Southeast Europe at a Glance

The Foundation’s region of East and Southeast Europe (ESEE) consists of 22 countries in Eastern Europe including Turkey.The Foundation maintains project offices in six locations (Belgrade, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Sofia and Tbilisi) and employs about 50 professional staff. Most offices cover more than one country but the Foundation does not have programmes on the ground in all of the 22 countries. The ESEE Regional Office in Sofia coordinates the Foundation’s work in the project countries. Moreover, the Regional Office has important administrative, auditing, evaluation and monitoring functions. Project activities amount to some 500 events per year with several thousand participants.

Our work is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development, the German Foreign Office, and, to an increasing extent, the European Union and the European Parliament, as well as other institutions that co-operate in development.

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Our Goals

• Promotion of the political, economic and social transformation processes towards free and prosperous societies
• Effective political support for the integration of the new EU member states and accession countries
• Promotion of liberal ideas and concepts in all areas of politics
• Strengthening of civil society, especially of liberal parties and organizations
• Supporting regional networks of liberal parties, party foundations and think tanks
• To provide a return flow of innovative liberal reform concepts to Germany
• Strengthening of human rights and the rule of law

Our Instruments

• Political education should enable more people to participate actively in the political and social processes.
• Within the framework of political dialogue, politicians and representatives of civil society from different countries have the ability to share their experience, learn from
each other and find solutions for conflicts.
• Through political counselling, capacities, knowledge and experience, which are important for the strengthening of democratic parties and for the implementation of liberal political models, are communicated to decision-makers representing the liberal spectrum.

Our Partners 

We work closely together with citizens’ initiatives, human rights organizations, think tanks, political parties and party affiliated organisations, and scientific organizations.

Find out more about our work from the flyer and brochure below.  

In the playlist below on our Youtube channel, called FreedomTV Europe, you can find a series of video statements by our Regional Director, Dr Rainer Adam.