FNF East and Southeast Europe

  • Tbilisi Pride

    Security Situation in Georgia: „March of Dignity“ Cancelled

    Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger meets with Queer activists in Georgia
  • Margrethe Vestager at ALDE Congress

    European Elections 2019: Liberal Voices and Votes

    Higher Turnout – Germany above EU-Average
  • Think Freedom- Freedom To Speak Your Mind

    Think Freedom- Freedom To Speak Your Mind

    Meet Olga Shorina, a political activist from Russia, who fled to Germany
  • Freedom to Carry the Torch

    Think Freedom- Freedom To Carry the Torch

    Meet Sebastian Burduja, a political activist from Romania
  • Human Rights Index 2018

    Release of the Human Rights Index

    How to assess the level of protection of human rights in Europe and Eurasia?
  • Meet Jamal Al

    Think Freedom- Freedom to Write a Song

    Meet Jamal Ali from Azerbaijan
  • think freedom

    Think Freedom Premier

    6 Stories of Choice, 6 Stories of Freedom
  • EWA East Europe 2018 Group

    EWA East Europe 2018 Graduated Successfully

    Meet the graduated 2018 Class for East Europe of the European Women's Academy for Political Leadership and Campaigning.
  • Class 2018 of EWA East Europe

    European Women's Academy for Political Leadership and Campaigning 2018

    Meet the 2018 Class of EWA for East and Southeast Europe
  • Street Art for Freedom

    Street Art for Freedom

The Foundation’s region of East and Southeast Europe (ESEE) consists of 22 countries in Eastern Europe including Turkey. The Foundation maintains Project Offices in six locations (Belgrade, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Sofia and Tbilisi) and employs about 50 professional staff. The Regional Office is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Most FNF Project Offices cover more than one country but the Foundation does not have programmes on the ground in all of the 22 countries. 

The main aim of the Foundation's work in East and Southeast Europe is to promote democracy, the rule of law, pluralism and free markets. The standard tool set is used for this purpose: political education, political consulting and political dialogue.


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