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European Women's Academy for Political Leadership and Campaigning
EWA East Europe 2019

We, at Friedrich Naumann Foundation for East and Southeast Europe, believe that Europe needs more women in politics. For 3 years in a row with partners from the liberal family (ALDE Party and European Liberal Forum), we actively co-organize the East Europe edition of the European Women's Academy for Political Leadership and Campaigning.

Please find below more information of the alumni generations of aspiring women and the state-of-the-art training. 

EWA East Europe 2019 

EWA East Europe 2019  is organized by the European Liberal Forum, supported by Friedrich Naumann Foundation East and Southeast Europe, in cooperation with ALDE Party.

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EWA East Europe 2018 

What is EWA East Europe 2018?

Watch below a series of interviews for women in politics with the moderators, trainers, and participants from EWA East Europe 2018. 

What does EWA stand for?
I am a woman in politics and I
Meet EWA West Europe Alumna, Bettina Stark-Watzinger

EWA East Europe 2017 

Get some insights from the trainers and participants in EWA East Europe on women in politics. How to empower female politicians in a liberal way, how to overcome most widespread prejudice, why do we need more women in politics, what is the added value of the specialized EWA training, to mention a few - are only some of the interesting topics you can find in this playlist of interviews on FreedomTV Europe.