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Freedom Team Interview: Markus Kaiser in Focus

Markus joined the foundation in 2012 after spending six years as a political advisor in the parliamentary group of FDP, the German liberal party. Prior to this, he obtained a Master’s degree in...

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Markus Kaiser


October 3, 2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Day of German Unity. In a few years Germany, which was reunited in 1990, will have existed longer than its divided predecessor. People in...

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german unity

Historic Victory of the Liberal Parties in Romania

At the local elections taking place on Sunday in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the independent mayoral candidate Nicușor Dan has impressively asserted himself with 42.7% in the race against the...

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Nicusor Dan


In conditions of the declared world pandemic of COVID-19 virus, the world economies started a decline, with the risk of falling into one of the deepest recession. The virus strikes not only humans,...

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cover smes resilience

Freedom Team Interview: Aret Demirci in Focus

Meet Aret Demirci, our most recent addition to the #FreedomTeam as a Project Manager in the Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe. His favourite freedom quote is by Martin Luther King, "...

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Aret Demirci

“I will come back one day”

The refugee route is not just the fate of Syrian refugees. In recent years, more and more journalists from Turkey have been trying to flee to Europe via Greece. What drives them to follow this...

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Cagdas Kaplan upon his arrival in Athens.

Freedom of Speech Award of Deutsche Welle

The prize, which has been awarded to people or initiatives committed to human rights and freedom of the press since 2015, went to 17 journalists from 14 different countries this year. Honored were...

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DW Freedom of Speech Award

One Day of Pride

While a legal protection framework for LGBTI communities is in place in Georgia, Serbia and Bulgaria, the implementation of these laws remains relatively weak, which leads to a lack of social...

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One Day of Pride

Press Freedom in East and Southeast Europe

The organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has published its ranking of press freedom this year - unfortunately with not too many positive results, neither for the world in general, nor for the...

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Teo Georgiev for Fine Acts

Let’s Get Back to the Market Economy as Quickly as Possible

The state is taking over the lead in the economy at a breath-taking pace. First, it paralyzed business activities. Then, it launched a huge economic support program. This is a dangerous path we need...

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