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FreedomTeam Interview: Oleg Friesen In Focus

Meet Oleg Friesen, who has just started an internship in the FNF South Caucasus Project Office. This is the second FNF internship of Oleg. Find out more about his dedication to freedom.  1. Please...

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Oleg Friesen In Focus

More Women Should Unleash Their Creativity in Business

Three years ago, Marina Borta started her own business. It is a shop that produces and sells handmade jewellery made from crystals and bohemian glass. She admits that it is definitely not easy to...

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More Women Should Unleash Their Creativity in Business

The Misery Index: How is Eastern Europe Performing?

In Globe Asia Steve H. Hanke published this month an essay about the misery index which I liked very much. Consequently, I wanted to share some of his results with the “index aficionados” in our...

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“They Hate our Freedom, Our Femocracy and Open Society as Such.”

In an interview for "liberal " magazine, FDP (Free Democratic Party) Chairman Christian Lindner spoke about the consequences of the Paris terrorist attacks, the internal and external enemies of...

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FreedomTeam Interview: Belma Bağdat In Focus

Meet our Freedom Team colleague from Istanbul, Mrs Belma Bağdat, Programme Director of the Project Office of FNF Turkey. Belma has worked for freedom in the Foundation for 14 years now. She is a true...

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Belma Bağdat In Focus

A University from Naught

This article is translated from liberal magazine article, written originally in German.   Refugee crisis 2015. Many people discovered their social streak this year. Some of them put their discovery...

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Fundamental Rights in Europe Endangered: Liberal Answers

Have a look at some highlights from the conference on "Fundamental Rights in Europe Endangered- Liberal Answers" in Stuttgart, which brought together many liberal dignitaries, politicians from FDP​...

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Team Building of the Regional Freedom Team

The Freedom Team of the Regional Office of FNF East and Southeast Europe gathered for a great team building workshop from 16 to 19 December 2015. The team building focused not only on targeted...

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Team Building of the Regional Freedom Team

Southeastern Europe Political Party Forum: Participation of Dr Rainer Adam

The Regional Director of FNF East and Southeast Europe, Dr Rainer Adam, participated in the "Southeastern Europe Political Party Forum", organized by the National Democratic Institute - NDI in...

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“Subsidiarity As Guiding Principle of Decentralisation” in Ukraine

ELF Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable “Subsidiarity As Guiding Principle of Decentralisation” in Ukraine   The principle of subsidiarity aims to ensure that decisions are taken as closely as possible to the...

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ELF Ralf Dahrendorf Roundtable