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EWA East Europe 2018 Graduated Successfully

 EWA East Europe is a state-of-the-art training programme, organized by the European Liberal Forum, supported by the Regional Office of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) for East and Southeast...

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EWA East Europe 2018 Group

Presidential Elections: Erdoğan at the Peak of His Power

The presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 June have resulted in a victory for the incumbent, Erdoğan, and the ruling party, the AKP, respectively.  Erdoğan declared himself the winner while...

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Freedom Team: Ela Mikhelson in Focus

Meet the latest member of the Regional Office for FNF East and Southeast Europe - Ela Mikhelson. She is our new Assistant to the Regional Director, Dr. Rainer Adam.  Her favorite freedom quote is by ...

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Ela Mikhelson

Nadezhda Mityushkina receives 2018 Boris Nemtsov Prize

Boris Nemtsov, murdered in 2015, was a symbol of hope in Russia. The prize named in his memory was awarded for the third time this year.  This shows that there are still courageous freedom activists...

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Boris Nemtsov Prize 2018

European Women's Academy for Political Leadership and Campaigning 2018

How can aspiring female leaders become more influential politicians? How to empower more women to become more self-confident and better prepared to take high-ranking positions in politics? What can...

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Class 2018 of EWA East Europe

The Feeling of Freedom

“For Freedom's battle once begun, // … // Though baffled oft is ever won.” “Der Freiheit Kampf einmal begonnen // … // wird immer, wenn auch schwer, gewonnen.“ These are the lines Timothy Garton Ash...

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Freedom Speech with Timothy Garton Ash

The Foundation for Freedom Keeps Its Promises

Liberal quotations and visual mementos from 60 years of foundation work are hanging from the ceiling in the huge former factory hall of the STATION Berlin. History meets modernity. To remember the...

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FNF 60th Anniversary

Discover the Breadth of FNF's Engagement and Activities in 2017

On 19 May 1958, Germany’s federal president, Theodor Heuss, brought together friends and long-time companions at his official residence, the Villa Hammerschmidt in Bonn, to found the Friedrich...

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60 years FNF

Wir suchen Verstärkung für unser Freedom-Team in Sofia!

Wir sind die kreative Innovationsplatform zur gesellschaftlichen Vermittlung der Freiheit und die deutsche Stiftung für liberale Politik. Wir setzen uns weltweit in mehr als 60 Ländern für mehr...

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join fnf esee team 2

The "Point of No Return" has been reached spoke with Peter-Andreas Bochmann, Foundation for Freedom Project Manager for the South Caucasus, about the current situation You visited Armenia just a few days ago. Why return so...

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The feeling of the Yerevan protests