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A First Success for the 'Velvet Revolution’

For days on end, thousands have been taking to the streets of Yerevan and other Armenian cities, protesting Serzh Sargsyan and his change of office from President to Prime Minister. Leader and...

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The dissatistisfaction of Armenians

An Election - But Only in Name

First, the bare figures: in the presidential elections on April 11, 2018 incumbent Ilham Aliyev was elected into office for the fourth time with about 86 percent of the cast votes. Turnout was 74...

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Flag of Azerbaijan

What is the Freedom Perception of Russian Citizens?

Shortly before the Russian Presidential elections, an opinion poll of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom researched the freedom perception of the Russian citizens. The result of the...

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Opinion poll about Freedom Perception in Russia - cover

Russia Names Air Force Regiment after Estonian Capital

Russian President Vladimir Putin has by decree named a regiment of the Russian air force after the Estonian capital Tallinn. In the former Soviet republic this has been regarded as a provocation with...

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Tallinn as namesake for Russian air force regiment

Promoting Tolerance Programme in the Eyes of Marius Gorochovskis

For me, the Promoting Tolerance program embodies the following principles: community, understanding, inspiration, responsibility. Let me briefly explain why. COMMUNITY Although I was just one out of...

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Marius Gorochovskis

Promoting Tolerance Programme in the Eyes of Marek Tatala

I have been analyzing the issue of populism for some time and the “Promoting Tolerance” program enabled me to learn more about populism in the US (but also in countries of other participants) and its...

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Marek Tatala

Promoting Tolerance Programme in the Eyes of Medeni Sungur

Promoting Tolerance is an extraordinary effort by AJC and FNF to create stronger bonds among the young leaders of Central/Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia and the US. A demanding...

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Medeni Sungur

Promoting Tolerance Program in the Eyes of Azis Isa

The study trip to the U.S. was vigorous intellectually and impressive culturally. We, the participants, have met a number of civil society and AJC leaders, who generously shared with us their...

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azis isa

Promoting Tolerance Programme in the Eyes of Mary Avalishvili

About 25 years ago, when Europe finally  survived the USSR tyranny, when international relations became more complicated because of the instantly emerging new countries proclaiming themselves as...

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Mary Georgia

Peace is Far Away - 3 Years after the Minsk Agreements.

February marked the third anniversary of the signing of the Minsk Agreements. The Donbass region is far from becoming peaceful.  We talked to the Foundation’s Project Director, Beate Apelt, in Kyiv...

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Slaviansk Ukraine