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Learn more about FNF's work in East and Southeast Europe

Learn more about FNF's work in East and Southeast Europe from the video above and our new flyer!  Have you wondered what the global priorities of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation are? Are you...

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“Let’s make true journalism great again”!

The digital future of journalism, freedom of expression and the crucial role of media in a world of rising nationalism, populism and post-truth based politics were the main topics of the 2017...

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FNF ESEE Delegation at GMF

Confronting Intolerance and Bigotry

Soon after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the American Jewish Committee jointly set up the “Promoting Tolerance...

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The Future of NATO, Propaganda and Cyber Security

This year’s “Future of Freedom” annual consultation was all about security. The meeting was held in a region that has not been safe from aggression and war since 2014: Eastern Ukraine.

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25th Anniversary of the Promoting Tolerance Program in Berlin on 15 June

For a quarter of a century the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in cooperation with the American Jewish Committee (AJC) has worked together on the Promoting Tolerance Program.  The Program was...

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A New Security Policy for Eastern Europe?

In its modern history, since the Cold War, Europe has never been more challenged internally and externally to preserve its liberal values, identity, integrity and peace.  And while several years ago...

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Future of Freedom Ukraine

Press Freedom Increasingly Under Pressure Worldwide

The renowned non-governmental organisation Reporters Without Borders (RWB) has published its World Press Freedom Index – and, regrettably, the trend from past years has been confirmed: press freedom...

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Not a Bit of Self-Doubt

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan reached his goal: with the approval of a narrow majority, Turkey implemented a system change from a parliamentary democracy to a presidential democracy “a la turca”. According to...

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President Erdogan Supporters. Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish Patient

Now we have it in black and white: The Turkish society is deeply divided! In the historical referendum on the constitutional change, President Erdoğan and his government celebrated a conceivably...

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Erdogan and Turkish flag Aret Demirci. Project Coordinator at FNF Turkey Office

Meet the inspiring female politicians from the European Women's Academy

European Women's Academy of Political Leadership and Campaigning 2017 (EWA) East Europe 2017 aims to empower women to become more influential politicians. It is organized by the Estonian Development...

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