Freedom Team Interview: Ana Siradze, Georgia in Focus |

Freedom Team Interview: Ana Siradze, Georgia in Focus

Ana Siradze, Georgia in Focus

Ana Siradze is the latest member in the FNF team in Georgia in the office of FNF South Caucasus.

1. Please share a few words about yourself? 

I am Ana Siradze from Georgia. I have graduated Tbilisi State University, the faculty of Social and Political sciences. I was an exchange student in Hamburg and also I studied at University of Graz. This experience has a great importance for me, because international relations is a sphere of my interest. That is also reason why I have been working with young republicans in the in international field and I also attended many conferences and seminars organized by FNF. I have also been working at one of the USAID projects as a communication specialist. Now I am team member of FNF in Tbilisi. I speak Georgian, German, English and Russian Languages.

2. What have been your first impressions so far from your position in FNF? 

Even though, it’s not a long time that I have started to work in FNF, I have the feeling that I’ve been here from the beginning. There is a special friendly atmosphere here. I enjoy doing my job and to be a part of FNF great team.

3. What is most interesting and challenging about your new position in FNF? 

First of all, different languages make the working environment interesting. Gathering all the latest information, analysing political situation about South Caucasus countries together is a great challenge to be updated about what’s important happening in the Region. Participating in different events organized by FNF or our partner organizations is a good chance to develop as a professional. 

4. Given your background so far, what and how would you contribute to the mission of FNF and pursuit of Freedom? 

I am going to promote the freedom values FNF is supporting, as they are for me personally very important. I believe that my strong desire to take part in FNF mission fulfilment will strengthen me work hard. I am motivated use my experience, knowledge, new ideas and do my job with high quality.

5. Why is promotion of Freedom important to you? 

Historically, Georgia had hard times fighting for freedom, it´s the greatest worth for my country and for me. I don´t want to go back to times where people were bound by Soviet dictator regime. I believe that Freedom is the strongest value of a human nature. Without it neither individuals, nor society can develop?

6. What is your Freedom message? 

Let me quote the great Romanian thinker Mircea Eliade: “Our belief in the freedom of thought and expression allows us a discussion not only among free people.”