FreedomTeam Interview: Eva Tovmasyan in Focus |

FreedomTeam Interview: Eva Tovmasyan in Focus


Eva Tovmasyan is the new colleague of the Freedom team in Armenia. Eva is the Junior Project Coordinator for Armenia in the Project office of FNF South Caucasus team since May 2016. Find the interview with her here.

1. Please share a few words about yourself?

I am Eva from Armenia. I have graduated at Yerevan State University of Languages and Social Sciences (with major in French language). I was an opposition activist in 2008-2009. Later I have joint a liberal political party in Armenia (Armenian National Congress). This is also how I had an opportunity to be involved in the activities of Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Armenia.

2. What have been your first impressions so far from your position in FNF?

I am the Junior Project Coordinator for Armenia in South Caucasus team since May 2016. In the same time, I am also a member of a local liberal party. Moreover, I had chance to participate in many different non-formal education and other activities of FNF both in Armenia and in our region.

Regarding my first impressions, I remember the moment, when I actually realized that now on I become a member of #FreedomTeam. This very symbolic and means a lot for me as a person who values freedom and understands how important it is to build a free society where individual liberties are respected.

3. What is most interesting and challenging about your new position in FNF?

In my day-to-day work I have a lot of tasks to complete. And to be honest some of these tasks were completely new for me when I joined our team. But the friendliness of the colleagues, the equal treatment and the supportiveness of the supervisors makes me really comfortable as a newcomer, enjoy my work and learn how to perform better and bring good outcomes for my team.

Every new project is a new challenge, a new story in the life. My favourite moment is when I am sitting in front of a blanket page with a title of a new project that I will be in charge of. I do not know yet what it will be and how it will be but I am full of motivation to make it interesting and useful for the participants so that they enjoy their participation and benefit from it as I did back in the days.

4. Given your background so far, what and how would you contribute to the mission of FNF and pursuit of Freedom?

The social-political situation in our country has many serious problems: closed borders and complicated geopolitical situation because of Nagorno Karabakh, a ruling party, which is deeply soaked in corruption, falsifications and violation of human rights. I believe that the promotion of freedom, the protection of human rights and the support of democracy is the only way we can build a strong and safe Armenia for individuals living here and for generations to come. That’s what our foundation does not only in our region but also in the other corners of the world.It is very important for me to believe in what I do in my work. And that’s what I do as a part of the #FreedomTeam.

5. Why is promotion of Freedom important to you?

To answer this question let me share my story with you. I was born in 1991, when Armenia declared its independence from Soviet Union. In Armenia people call their children born in 90s “a generation of freedom” or “kids of freedom”. Our parents raised us with a strong sense of responsibility for our country and the well-being of people living there.

I was 17 when I participated to the first protest in my life. This was the winter of 2008. After the presidential elections in Armenia people went to the streets to protect their rights and stand against massive falsifications and brutal oppression against the opposition supporters. The story ended up with a massive attack of police against the protesters where at least 10 people were killed. This is how I became an opposition activist. It was then that I understood how it is important to live in a free country, where individual rights and freedoms are guaranteed. I understand, promoting freedom is a hard way full of danger and disappointments but at the same time full of hope, full of bravery and devotion! I believe, freedom, self-determination, acceptance of each other and the rule of law is the only way for a peaceful and prosperous life of individuals and of a country as whole.

6. What is your Freedom message?

In Armenia many people are afraid of politics. As in many other countries, here as well, people don’t like the political system and the politicians. But at the same time the majority of the problems the entire society complains about have political solutions. In my opinion, being free and using the political system for protecting this freedom and promoting it is only how we can make sure dictators, wars with the neighbours and crisis will be overcome and will never come back again.

If you want to live your only one life better, do not complain, act! The guarantee of your Freedom is not what you think, it is what you do!

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