FreedomTeam Interview: Lyubomira Raeva |

FreedomTeam Interview: Lyubomira Raeva

Lyubomira Raeva

 1. Please share a few words about yourself?

Before joining the FNF, I have been working for 5 years with the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior as an expert for international cooperation and humanitarian assistance. Occupying this position I was dealing with the implementation of international policies in the field of disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and resilience. I have a broad international experience as regards to humanitarian assistance within and outside of the European Union and I volunteer as a trainer of experts for international civil protection and humanitarian missions.

I am a chemical engineer and I have a master`s degree in International Relations and Multilateral Diplomacy. During my academic and also professional times I have been dealing a lot with the issues of migration, refugees and asylum seekers, especially with the protection of rights of female refugees. 

I am a total internationalist in character, thinking, attitude and principles. I am also a passionate humanitarian having respect of human values, dignity, ethnical, religious, social and cultural diversities. 

2. What have been your first impressions so far from your position in FNF? 

I started working in the FNF at the beginning of July 2016 as a Coordinator of Regional Dialogue Programmes & Project Management at the FNF Regional Office East and Southeast Europe. The first impression that I got was the very friendly and inspirational environment in the office and the very experienced and motivated colleagues. I am glad to be part of the FNF team and I am looking forward to my future endeavors. 

3. What is most interesting and challenging about your new position in FNF? 
The most interesting in my position is that it gives the opportunity to work with different partners from different regions which enriches both my professional and personal knowledge and serves as a good basis for networking. The most challenging is to be always aware of and in track with the liberal developments within the region and worldwide. 

Lyubomira Raeva

Freedom Team from East and Southeast Europe
Lyubomira Reava, second from left to right

4. Given your background so far, what and how would you contribute to the mission of FNF and pursuit of Freedom? 

Professionally I have dealt with problems as reducing vulnerability and empowering sustainable development, humanity and solidarity. These are core values that everybody devoted to protect the human rights and dignity shall follow. My academic background is also connected to the issues of human rights, policy development, migration, security, diplomacy and international relations. I have been working for immediate and long-term improvement of living conditions in my country and internationally, shaping and pushing forward every measure that might lead to positive outcomes and I see it as my personal responsibility to the society I live in.

Lyubomira Raeva and Dr Rainer Adam
Lyubomira Raeva and Dr Rainer Adam

5. Why is promotion of Freedom important to you? 

Freedom is a basic human right, but it is also a responsibility. The freedom gives the opportunity to engage, to participate, to share, to support, to request, to protect, to demand, to perform, to develop, to demolish, to create and many others. Promoting Freedom, but reasonably and carefully, so that no one could feel free to consider the power given by Freedom as unanimous delegation of authority above others.

6. What is your Freedom message?
Be free, but be responsible