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Future of Freedom Annual Consultation

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“Future of Freedom” Annual Consultation is an annual event of the Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (ESEE).  The consultation enables debate and analysis among liberal thought leaders, decision-makers and multipliers about the latest trends and challenges that our societies face today. The consultation brings together representatives from the various FNF partner organizations from civil society, think tanks and political parties from the region and beyond. It thus creates an enriching environment and an engaged community for debate and analysis, best-practices sharing, ideas’ generation, synergies’ and solutions’ incubation.

The consultation, with its non-traditional, interactive formats, embodies the spirit of the liberal philosophy "Create your freedom and the freedom of others". This is enshrined as well in the visual identity of “Future of Freedom”, which visualizes the imprint on the future that every person leaves. The symbol of eternity and the embedded movement in the logo represent that creating the future is a process, not a standpoint. The un-conferencing model and co-creation of the agenda at the annual consultation embody the intrinsic liberal values of freedom and responsibility, which are intertwined in a never-ending process. 

Dr Rainer Adam, the Regional Director of FNF East and Southeast Europe, talks about the goals of the Future of Freedom Consultation in the video below. 

2017 Ukraine 

In 2017 Future of Freedom Consultation focused on the topic of “A New Security Policy for Eastern Europe?” in Ukraine in May. Have a look at the four main subtopics of the consultation in the visuals below. 

 Please find below a playlist with a series of documentary videos and full recordings of all expert panel discussions:

2016 Romania 

The 2016 Future of Freedom consultation was devoted to "Europe: The End of a Dream?". It took place in Bucharest, Romania, in September. 

Please have a look at the teaser video from the consultation below: 


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Europe the end of a dream parliament

2015 Turkey 

The 2015 Future of Freedom Consultation focused on the topic of "How to Counter Democratic Decline and Combat Authoritarianism". The consultation took place in Istanbul, Turkey, in November.  


Future of Freedom Group Photo Istanbul 2015