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Watch below key highlights from the consultation "Europe: The End of a Dream?

Insights on the Future of Europe- "Europe: The End of a Dream?

In this playlist below on FreedomTV Europe Youtube Channel you can find around 80 videos from the annual consultation "Europe: The End of a Dream?", short video quotes on different topics. There are three main types of videos: 

1. Official Guests' Interviews and Keynote Speech:


2. Short Video Quotes with Future of Freedom Participants 

  • Europe…?: 11 episodes
  • The European Union…?  4 episodes
  • The Future of Freedom in Europe…?:  4 episodes
  • Europe: The End of a Dream?:  5 episodes
  • The Freedoms of Tomorrow…?:  3 episodes
  • The Refugee Crisis in Europe…?:  6 episodes
  • The Impact of Brexit…?:  4 episodes
  • The European Values…?:  4 episodes
  • How can the liberals win back the minds and hearts of people?:    4 episodes
  • What is the unique selling proposition of liberalism?:  4 episodes

3. Interviews with selected participants

Find the topic that interests you more in the Europe: The End of a Dream Playlist below: 

We, liberal minded people, are still in love with Europe. Are you? 

Get inspiration from the video below: 

Europe as a Love Affair?