Liberals in Search of Reform Agenda for Better Education |

Liberals in Search of Reform Agenda for Better Education

Learn the Main Insights from the Best Education Conference of FNF and Moldovan Ministry of Education

Education is a basic human right. Education reform is a key area for the future of any prosperous society. The demand that basic education must be available to all members of society is an old demand of classical liberalism in Europe. The best of opportunities must be available to all, irrespective of gender, social status, money, ethnic origin or religious belief. 25 years after the collapse of communism, national education systems in Eastern Europe need urgent upgrading or even reinventing. Thus, liberals call for radical changes in education.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova conducted the largest ever study on education in Moldova, where students, teachers, graduates, parents, employers were asked about the situation of the education system and the necessary reforms. 

The “The Best Education for Europe” conference gathered more than 130 education experts in July 2016 in Chisinau to discuss the liberal reform agenda for best education. The three-day event was organized by the Regional Office of FNF East and Southeast Europe, the Project Office of FNF Southeast Europe and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova under the auspices of Ms. Corina Fusu.

Watch the keynote speech of Minister Fusu:

The first day of the conference encompassed a keynote speech by the Ms. Fusu, presentation of the the study “Perception of the Moldovan Education System’’ and a panel discussion on the “Best Practices and Current Trends from Europe” with current and former ministers from the region. 

Watch the panel discussion here:

The rest of the conference offered specialized discussions and working groups in search of liberal reform agenda in education with around 30 international experts from Central, East and Southeast Europe and many Moldovan stakeholders. 

Watch the presentation of the study here:

In this playlist on our FreedomTV Europe Youtube Channel you can find all the videos from day one, a series of interviews with the high-level experts and guests. More than 80 videos recreate the captivating atmosphere from the international conference, the scale and scope of the expert discussions, the diversity of liberal-minded opinions. Together, we have tried to define the liberal reform agenda in search of better education for the 21st century.