New Impulses for Russian Civil Society |

New Impulses for Russian Civil Society

Boris Nemtsov Forum 2018 discussed new strategies for Russian society
Boris Nemtsov Forum 2018

The Boris Nemtsov Forum – organized by the Boris Nemtsov Foundation (BNF) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) – serves as a platform for discussion and exchange of innovative ideas on the present and future state of Russia and its society.

In 2018 the Forum met in Prague. The topic was “Russia: Strategies for the Society”. Learn more about the 2018 discussions and the cooperation between FNF and BNF from the interviews below.

Boris Nemtsov Forum 2018

Learn more about the goals, topics and insights from the latest Boris Nemtsov Forum in the conference video below: 


Boris Nemtsov Forum 2018, Prague

Find below a series of individual interviews with important stakeholders: 

Julius von Freytag-Loringhoven: Boris Nemtsov Forum 2018
Zhanna Nemtsova: What are the goals of the Boris Nemtsov Forum?

Learn more about the signs of hope in Russia: 

Zhanna Nemtsova: How does Boris Nemtsov Foundation support the signs of optimism in Russia?

The cooperation between Boris Nemtsov Foundation and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Learn more why our Foundation for Freedom supports Boris Nemtsov Foundation. 

Julius von Freytag Loringhoven: Why does FNF support the Boris Nemtsov Foundation?
Zhanna Nemtsova: Cooperation between Boris Nemtsov Foundation and Friedrich Naumann Foundation?
Julia Ebenauer: Why does the Friedrich Naumann Foundation support the Boris Nemtsov Forum?

Find below a Youtube playlist on FreedomTV Europe with all interviews:  

Find out more about the work of Boris Nemtsov Foundation on their website here


Check out the atmosphere of the Forum in the video below (in Russian). 

Boris Nemtsov Forum Film (in Russian)