Premiere of The Black Book of Public Money Waste in Moldova |

Premiere of The Black Book of Public Money Waste in Moldova

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Feature12.11.2019Sergiu Boghean
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THE BLACK BOOK OF PUBLIC MONEY WASTE is a project of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, implemented in partnership with the Association of Independent Press.

We took up with project in order to offer to the Moldovan citizens information about how their money is used. Its main purpose is to contribute to a better awareness of the fact that each citizen deserves to be respected for being taxpayer, for paying their taxes and duties, and that the representatives of public institutions are responsible for the transparent and efficient use of such resources.

In this first edition, we present cases when taxpayer money was abusively used through public spending on useless or bad quality projects. In many cases, staggering amounts were used with no justification and without meeting any public needs. This work also brings examples of officials’ low responsibility leading to poor achievements and delays. Finally, it presents cases that raise suspicions of abusive use of public money in the interests of certain persons i.e. conflicts of interests that have come in the sight of the law enforcement.

As revolting are the cases of corruption and defrauding of funds coming from assistance projects of the European Union or of other international donors. Although the procedures for spending and control of European money are stricter than in national projects, abuses have been documented by investigative journalists and have thus been included in the Black Book. This edition focuses especially on clarifying some of such situations.

The idea of this project is to reassert the importance of citizen control to prevent notable abuse by the representatives of the governance. Together with media organizations and investigative journalists, we will continue to collect cases of abuse and misappropriation of public funds, and to present them to you periodically. However, such an effort also requires citizen participation.

Beyond the above-said, the Black Book is an invitation to all interested parties to work together for a society that is more transparent and more accountable to its citizens and their resources.

Sergiu Boghean, 

Project Coordinator in the Republic of Moldova of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom