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Think Freedom: Freedom to Breathe

Meet Belma Bagdat, a Colleague from Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Belma Bagdat
Meet Belma BagdatFNF East and Southeast Europe

 Freedom to Breathe 

Think Freedom: Freedom to Breathe, Belma
Belma Bagdat

"If I can't speak openly, if I can't do my job, if I can't be what defines me, then I can't breathe. That's how I felt in Turkey."

Belma Bagdat

Belma: Freedom to Breathe

Feeling suffocated by Turkey’s increasingly authoritarian regime and afraid to freely speak their mind even on the streets, Belma and her family pack their bags and their dearest memories of home and leave Istanbul to live in exile in Germany. In Berlin, free and able to breathe, she offers her help to others who have left Turkey seeking freedom.

Watch below the documentary with Turkish subtitles. 

Think Freedom: Nefes Alma Özgürlüğü, Belma, Berlin, Almanya

Think Freedom

Nowadays, liberal values are in danger globally. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom’s project “Think Freedom” highlights the life stories of six inspiring liberal-minded individuals, one of whom is Sebastian. The characters of the “Think Freedom” documentary film series embody the core liberal principles of freedom, choice and responsibility. The overarching theme is their self-determination to pursue freedom by overcoming challenges in the shrinking spaces of their democracies. The six documentaries address the fundamental questions these individuals face every day at a crossroad in their lives such as “To speak or to stay silent?”, “To stay or to go?”, “To stay yourself or to conform?”.


“Think Freedom” is a cooperative project by the Regional Office for East and Southeast Europe of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (“FNF ESEE”) and Tanuki Films. “Think Freedom” was conceived by Dr Rainer Adam, Regional Director of FNF ESEE, and directed by David Djambazov and Anna Stoeva of Tanuki Films.

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