Visit of Manfred Richter, Treasurer of FNF, in Bulgaria |

Visit of Manfred Richter, Treasurer of FNF, in Bulgaria

During the Biannual Regional Directors’ Conference in Sofia
Richter as the special guest during the biannual Regional Directors' Conference for East and Southeast Europe
Richter as the special guest during the biannual Regional Directors' Conference for East and Southeast Europe
Manfred Richter, Treasurer of FNF

The future of liberalism is not only connected with liberal people.  It is also connected to organizations- parties, NGOs that are liberally minded. We need to make sure that the everyday problems of our countries have appropriate solutions with liberal background.   We need to make sure that the audiences in our countries recognize the necessity of a liberal voice in their law-making bodies. 

Manfred Richter

Mr Manfred Richter, Treasurer of the Foundation in Germany and Member of the Board of Directors, was our guest of honour at the regional conference in Sofia in October.  The event brought together all the Directors from the 7 Offices in East and Southeast Europe, in charge of 22 countries, and colleagues from the Head Office in Germany. 

On a special meet and greet reception, hosted by FNF Southeast Europe, Mr Manfred Richter, together with FNF Directors from the region, met with partners from Bulgaria. Mr Richter highlighted how Bulgaria is constantly changing, but that the country has still some issues to improve. He shortly explained the core mission of our foundation and the principles we are standing for all around the world. “If a country is reshaping its inner structure, according to values of the European Union that we share, I think it is worthwhile for an organization as the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom to do its share, to help. Furthermore, he shared more about the impressive comeback of the FDP party in Germany and the upcoming complicated coalition talks for the formation of the new government in Germany.

FNF also had the honour to have the President of Bulgaria 2012-2017, Rosen Plevneliev, as a keynote speaker at the reception “FNF and Friends”. He gave an inspiring speech about the important role of education and historical knowledge to avoid the horrible mistakes that happened in the past. “Lessons learned from history, so that history is not going to be repeated again of communism of fascism, but history is going to be with us for human, open minded, liberal societies.” He commended on the work of the Foundation and congratulated wholeheartedly the team not only here in Bulgaria, but also in other parts of the world, where FNF stands up for liberal values and freedom.

The opening remarks were followed by a reception, where friends and partners from the Bulgarian civil society had the opportunity to network, share their visions, ideas and experiences with FNF representatives from Germany and the region.

Rosen Plevneliev, President of Bulgaria (2012-2017)

In one or another way, we are all liberals. We believe in human rights and we stand for human rights. We believe in democracy and we stand for democracy. We believe in media freedom and we stand for media freedom.

Rosen Plevneliev

Mr Richter and all FNF Directors visited the FNF office in Sofia. The Treasurer of FNF discussed with all colleagues of the Foundation the latest decisions of the Board of Directors, the election results and the vision for the Foundation in Germany and beyond. 

Stay tuned for a series of video interviews with Mr Richter and Plevneliev, former Bulgarian President.

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