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An Online Voice for Azerbaijan

One of the nominees for the Raif Badawi Award is the human rights activist- Emin Milli, from Meydan TV- an Azerbaijani online platform. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom will bestow the...

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Emin Milli, Meydan TV

Ukrainian Former Defence Minister about the Russian Military Provocation

Operation "Zapad", a big military drill run by Russia, started on 14 September at the Eastern border of the European Union in Belarus.  What is the Ukraininan perspective on this Russian large-scale...

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Anatoliy Grytsenko at the Future of Freedom Consultation

Russian Military Provokation at the Border of the EU

Operation "Zapad", a big military drill run by Russia, started on 14 September at the Eastern border of the European Union in Belarus. 13 000 soldiers are reported to participate. Should such large-...

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Future of Freedom

Creativity, Inspiration and Commitment of our Freedom Team of FNF ESEE

Creativity, inspiration, commitment, passion, reflection, dreaming, strategizing, planning, learning, action, cooperation, fun- all the words to describe the joint learning of the Freedom Team of...

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Regional Workshop FNF ESEE Collage

How to Best Evolve Imagery and Language to Translate Values into Stories?

How to develop messages that gain traction and popularity? How to be popular, but not populist? How to win the hearts and minds of your target audience? How to compete effectively in the face of...

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Stefan Schlegel

Is There Hope for Journalism in Turkey?

Watch below an interview with Murat Çoban about the press freedom violations in Turkey, what can be done to improve the situation of journalists. Learn more about the goals of Platfrom.24. 

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Murat Şevki Çoban - Journalist, Platform.24, Turkey at global media forum

What is the Role of Social Media in the Polarization of Societies?

The panel, hosted by Friedrich Naumann Foundation, during the 10th anniversary edition of the Global Media Forum focused on one of the hottest topics in the post-truth world of fake news and social...

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FNF Panel during the Global Media Forum of Deutsche Welle

Voices of Tolerance: Marek Tatala, Poland

Marek Tatala is one of the Promoting Tolerance 2017 fellows from Poland. He is a Vice President of the Civil Development Forum (FOR) and an Editor-in-chief of the Blog “Obywatelskiego Rozwoju”.  His...

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Marek Tatala

Voices of Tolerance: Irakli Mikiani, Georgia

Irakli Mikiani is one of the Promoting Tolerance fellows from Georgia. He is an undergraduate student of Economics at Ilia State University in Georgia. His passion for liberalism and freedom made him...

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Irakli Mikiani

Voices of Tolerance: Svitlana Osipchuk, Ukraine

Svitlana Osipchuk is one of the Promoting Tolerance Fellows from Ukraine. She is a history teacher and researcher at NTUU KPI. Furthermore, Osipchuk is a project manager at Ukrainian Centre for...

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Svitlana Osipchuk